CHAYEI SARAH (Genesis, 23:1-25:18) — “Ham’s not Kosher!!”

Eliezer had a tough assignment.

Sarah was dead.  Abraham was a widower with a 37-year-old unmarried son.  The future of Abraham’s legacy was dependant upon Isaac marrying and raising the next generation of G-d-fearing “Jews.”  It was imperative that Isaac marry a woman who shared his values.  In narrowing the field of applicants, Abraham engaged in a bit of “racial profiling.”  Canaanites need not apply…

This restriction affected Eliezer personally. This dedicated servant of Abraham had a daughter.  He would have loved to have made a “Shidduch” between his daughter and his beloved master’s son.  However, it was not to be.  Eliezer, you see, was a Canaanite…

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