TERUMAH (Exodus, 25:1-27:19) “Budget Busters”

 … I find it hard to understand how anyone can spend many tens of thousands of dollars more than necessary for a luxury vehicle. The purpose of a car is to get you safely and comfortably from Point A to Point B. For that, you need four good tires, a well-tuned engine, a working heater/air conditioner, and a few accessories to hold it all together. Of course, one doesn’t want to drive around in a rusty old clunker with a bumper hanging down and a muffler that doesn’t muffle. But does it make sense to buy a car whose sticker price rivals the gross domestic product of a Third World nation? …

We need to learn to spend our money in moderation. There is nothing wrong with living comfortably. But it is essential that we learn the difference between comfort and waste.

 Everything I said above gets thrown out the window when you read this week’s Torah Portion…

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