NOACH (Genesis, 6:9-11:32) — “A Pig by Any Other Name…”

“A Pig by Any Other Name…” 

… there are two types of laundry — clean laundry and dirty laundry. Would you reclassify these two categories as “clean laundry” and “laundry that isn’t clean?!” …

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I usually only feature one message per week, and simply provide a link to previous years’ messages in the archives.  However, due to current events in our country, I have decided to point out a message I wrote on this week’s Torah Portion 3 years ago. 

I have to caution you – some of you were very disappointed with that message, and I myself decided to try to avoid articles of that nature in the future.  If you think you may be offended by a Torah Talk of a political nature, you may decide not to read   “Nimro-bama” .

Additional messages from previous years:

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“Yerachmiel’s Ark” (2004) 

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“You Can’t Climb a Grapevine” (2002) 

“Sweat the Big Stuff…and it’s ALL Big Stuff!” (2001) 

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