VAYEITZEI (Genesis, 28:10-32:3) — “Are You My Bride? … Are You SURE??”

Jacob came to Haran (in Iraq) in search of a bride. 

Rachel was the one…  A wedding feast took place and Jacob took his veiled bride home to his tent.  It wasn’t until the next morning that Jacob discovered that he had married the wrong woman!  It was Leah!  He had been had!  His uncle had cheated him!… 

…How did all of this happen?  How did an intelligent man like Jacob allow himself to be hoodwinked by his uncle?  How did Laban pull it off?  And how could Leah participate in this fraud? 

And where was Rachel?  Why didn’t she step in and stop the wedding?…  how could she do that to Jacob?  What right did she have, in spite of concerns about her sister’s feelings, to help to snare the man she loved into the exact trap that she had agreed to help him avoid? …

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