ACHAREI MOS/ KEDOSHIM (Leviticus, 16:1-20:27) — “Honor Thy Father’s General”

… Michael embraced the religious values of his mother.  However, the court had granted ample visitation with his Dad, who was antagonistic toward his ex-wife’s Judaism.  Leslie argued that Mark’s hostility toward religion was detrimental to Michael’s well being, but the court would not get involved.Mark insisted that Michael come with him in the car on Saturday. 

…Leslie was in a quandary.  Should she tell Michael to fight his father?  If Michael refuses to ride on Saturday, his father will drag him, kicking and screaming, into the car.  Should she tell him to ride in the car with his father?  If she would tell Michael to ride on Saturday in his father’s car, she would undermine the very Judaism that she was trying to teach him!  What should she do?What she did was turn to Rabbi Shimon Schwab, of Blessed Memory…

Rabbi Schwab came up with an insightful solution to this problem…

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