ACHAREI MOS (Leviticus, 16:1-20:27) — “Beauty and the Priest”

 … The Torah goes on to give a list of “blemishes” that disqualify the Kohain from officiating in the Temple Service. (Mr. Cohen, I hope your lawyer is taking notes!):

“ ‘… a man who is blind or lame or whose nose has no bridge, or who has one limb longer than the other… who has a broken leg or broken arm… abnormally long eyebrows, a membrane on his eye or a blemish in his eye… any man from the offspring of Aaron who has a blemish shall not approach to offer the fire-offerings of G-d…’ ” 

There you have it — discrimination against people with disabilities! What’s going on here? Shouldn’t there be a “Kohain with Disabilities Act”?!! Why is the Torah discriminating against a Kohain just because he looks a little different? Is this a beauty contest?!! This is not a concept that is easy to explain.

I called a colleague of mine and told him, “Give me a clear, Politically Correct, Jewish-outreach-to-the-uninitiated explanation to these rules. How do I explain the Torah’s apparent prejudice against Kohanim with disabilities?”

My colleague’s response: “Good luck!”…

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