MATOS-MASEI (Numbers, 30:2-36:13) — “One Small Step for a Man…”




This Sunday evening, July 7, is Rosh Chodesh Av, the first day of the tragic month of Av.  It marks the second phase of the three weeks of intensified mourning leading up to Tisha B’Av.   During those nine days, we avoid consumption of meat and wine (with the exception of “Mitzvah Meals” such as Shabbos, Bris celebrations, and a few others). Like a mourner during Shiva, (R”L) we avoid bathing as much as possible.

We are supposed to feel the pain of the destruction of the Temples and all of the suffering our People have endured while waiting for the Final Redemption and the building of the Third, the permanent Temple in Jerusalem. 


“One Small Step for a Man…” 

…I once heard movie critic Michael Medved asked on the radio how he maintains a spiritual life, in spite of his exposure to some of the non-spiritual (to be kind) elements of the world of “entertainment.”  Mr. Medved responded that …  

There is something else Mr. Medved does to maintain a holier way of life.  He does it by keeping the spiritual level of his home on a higher plane than the average home.  He doesn’t…  

Read more. 

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