DEVORIM (Deuteronomy, 1:1-3:22)/TISHA B’Av — “Selective Memory”


This Monday night through Tuesday will be Tisha B’Av, the ninth day of the disastrous month of Av.  This full-day fast is similar to Shiva.   We sit on low chairs, refrain from socializing, and wear only non-leather footwear.  This time is spent in contemplation of all the calamities that have befallen our People on Tisha B’Av, including the burning of both Temples, the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492, Pogroms and the beginning of World War I.  The fast begins Monday at sundown, and ends on Tuesday at dusk, (25-72 minutes after sunset, depending upon local custom. To find sunrise and sunset times for your community click here.) 

For a brief listing of infamous events that took place on Tisha B’Av throughout history, click here

For more information on the observance of Tisha B’av and the days leading up to it, click here and here 

“Selective Memory” 

… Did Moses give a fair description of the events as they actually occurred?  Based on Moses’ version, it seems like the people heard a positive report and rejected it.  In reality, as we see from actually reading about it, there was a spirited debate.  Ten spies said it was bad; two spies said it was good… why did Moses change the story?  Why did he imply that there had been no negative report at all? …

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