NOACH (Genesis, 6:9-11:32) — “A Tale of Two Cities”

… G-d has limited patience with wicked people. Nineveh was slated for destruction.  The prophet Jonah was sent to Nineveh to warn them of their imminent doom.  They got the message.  They repented their evil ways and were spared. 

As a result of their actions, the (belatedly) righteous citizens of Nineveh  serve as an annual Yom Kippur role model to teach us what we can accomplish by returning to G-d. 

Now let us look at another Biblical city.  We will read in a few weeks about Eliezer’s journey to the city of Nachor…In Nachor he finds murderous, wicked people.  … “Laban, son of NACHOR”, (Genesis, 29:5) is one of the symbols of the enemies of Israel.  He is also identified with Balaam, who did everything in his power to curse and destroy Israel. 

There you have it.  Two cities. Nineveh, which teaches us how to return to G-d and become better people, and Nachor, a city that teaches us treachery and unrepentant evil. 

We, can, perhaps, see the roots of these cities’ differences in this week’s Torah Portion… 

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