“Grumpsie??!! What Kinda Weird Name is Grumpsie??!!”


 (Not to be confused with another fellow with a similar-sounding nickname!!)


Several years ago my wife and I flew out to Chicago to celebrate the 80th birthday of  her Uncle Sy.  (Mr. Seymore Okner, of Blessed Memory)

Uncle Sy was a kind, loving, fun, and very charitable man.  (Just ask many of the charitable Jewish organizations in Chicago and beyond.)

I was taken by Uncle Sy’s very special and adoring relationship with his grandchildren, who called him “Grumps” or “Grumpsie.”  I resolved that Uncle Sy would be my role model.

I want to have the same very special relationship with my grandkids (grumpkids??) as he did.  I want to be a “Grumpsie.”

I hope that by borrowing the title I can somehow manage to get there.

Published on November 20, 2011 at 12:21 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. Mazel tov, Mazel tov! to you and Sheera.
    May you have much nachas. They are beautiful children.
    I recall that not long ago your children were little children!!!!!May you all be blessed with health, simchas and brochos.

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